Brake Discs

Brake discs (not “brake disks” – a common misspelling) are part of a disc brake system which allows for safe controlled stops in modern vehicles. How does it do that? It's actually fairly simple. A wheel brake slows rotation of the wheel using friction. Brake pads are pushed against the disc when you press the pedal. The friction created between the two causes the vehicle to slow down. A brake disc, or rotor disc, is usually made of cast iron, or some form of composite, which allows for heavy duty usage and long lasting performance. Modern brake discs are either solid or vented, depending on your vehicle. The vents allow more air to circulate, which lets out some of the heat generated by the friction of braking. We stock premium brand rear brake discs and front brake discs which are produced to fine tolerances and very exacting specifications, for uniform thickness and hardness, and easy fitting. This ensures maximum performance and durability. It is recommended to fit new brake pads at the same time as the discs, for optimum results and safety. To look up the correct brake discs for your make and model of vehicle you can just enter your details in the parts selector tool - using your registration will give the most accurate results - and then choose from either premium, standard or economy brands depending on what is available for your car. If you are having any difficulty choosing then feel free to call our technical advisors. We have over 30 years experience in the car parts industry and we'll be more than happy to help.

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