Brake Drums

Brake drums are still used in many cars on the road today. Often cars will be built with disc brakes on the front and will use a rear brake drum.  In simple terms it uses a cylindrical drum to generate friction and slow the car, rather than a solid brake disc. When the driver presses the brake pedal the shoe is pressed against the spinning surface of the drum, causing the car to slow or stop. It is important to regularly get your brakes checked and maintained in order to be safe when stopping on the road. Our premium brand Apec brake drums are precision made in modern factories to allow for easy fitting, as this is a complicated part to change.  Production line samples are randomly selected and thoroughly tested for strength, casting accuracy and the ability to provide consistent, long-lasting braking power. Vehicles fitted with quality braking products like Apec will be able to stop safely under tough weather conditions. Remember to check your vehicle details carefully to ensure you select the correct part for your specific car. If you are having difficulty choosing then check your handbook for your precise model details, or give us a call on our technical helpline.

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