Brake Pads

Brake pads are the part of the braking system which actually applies friction to slow the car. They are made from a combination of a steel backplate and friction material. When the brake pedal is pressed the pads squeeze the brake disc, applying a thin layer of friction material to them. This then makes the disc and pad “stick” together causing friction, generating heat and slowing the car. This is why it is vital to replace brake pads regularly – particularly if used a lot – as the friction material wears down and eventually the brakes will no longer function. If you hear squealing when braking you should get your brakes checked - or do it yourself - as soon as possible as this is potentially the wear indicator letting you know that the brakes are worn down and need replacing. All our quality brand brake pads are made in Europe from the latest generation friction materials. They are given a high pressure treatment which ensures a longer working life to the pad and superior braking performance throughout the life of the part. Plus they are also rigorously and extensively tested under laboratory, track and mountain road testing conditions to ensure they exceed international regulatory standards. This gives peace of mind when driving that you can rely on your brakes working efficiently when you press the pedal. Our car parts look-up tool can help you to ensure that you get the correct brake pad for your vehicle. There are thousands to choose from, so be careful to select the correct part. Use your registration and our cataloguing system will find precisely the right option for your make and model of vehicle. When choosing you can look at the line drawing diagram to check if it matches the shape & size of the one currently on your vehicle.  If you are still unsure then give us a call and we will help out.

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