Brake Shoes

Brake shoes are used in drum brake systems on cars. This is typically an older model of braking system, with many modern vehicles moving towards disc brakes for improved performance. The shoes carry the brake lining which is used to create the friction needed to slow or stop your car. When the brake pedal is pressed, the shoe moves and presses the brake friction lining against the inside of the drum. This turns the motion energy into heat and results in stopping the car. Nowadays, cars either have disc brakes all round, or will be fitted with discs at the front and drums at the rear with rear brake shoes. An advantage of discs is that they can dissipate heat more quickly than drums so there is less risk of overheating. However, drums provide a better parking brake, which is why they are still maintained on some current cars. Our premium brand brake shoes offer a highly effective combination of stopping power, endurance and reliability, to excel in the toughest traffic conditions. The brake shoe lining uses the latest formulation friction materials for optimum braking performance and long life. They are also securely bonded to the shoe backing to ensure they don’t come unstuck. Use our parts selector to look up the correct parts for your vehicle.

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