Auto electrics are becoming more and more important in modern cars. They are also becoming more complicated. Most people will have heard of the traditional electrical components such as a car batteries, alternators, starter motors and so on, but not some of the more modern parts. The battery distributes 12v power for all the auto electrical components in the vehicle. It also sends voltage to the starter motor, which means the car will start when you turn the key in the ignition! The car battery is charged by the alternator, which uses a belt run from the engine to generate power. So far, so simple. However, contemporary cars now have more complicated electrical systems to power the conveniences and features we all enjoy in our vehicles, including heated seats, power windows and especially the computer controlled engine components. Modern cars even have electrical circuits in the tyres to monitor the tyre pressure and let the driver know if there is a flat. Here at Bullseye we carry a complete range of everything from the uncomplicated car battery to the more sophisticated items like mass airflow meters, EGR valves and lambda sensors. If you're looking for something like a mass air flow meter then give us a call - we will identify the correct part and deal with your order over the phone. We also have a comprehensive range of car bulbs including headlight bulbs, reverse light bulbs and indicator bulbs here on the site. Our bulbs are high quality, long-lasting a great value for money. Don't drive without your lights - get replacement car bulbs now! With Bullseye all your auto electrical needs are covered in one place.