Filters are important parts to replace when servicing your vehicle, they help keep the vital parts of the engine clean and free from debris. And a clean engine is a healthy engine. Air filters stops abrasive particles entering the engine's cylinders, where they would contaminate the oil and cause damage to the mechanics. The cabin air filter (also known as a pollen filter) is used to keep the air clean inside the car. It is located in the outside air intake of the vehicle and helps the air conditioning and heating to perform effectively. It’s still a relatively new filtration product and so can be overlooked, but there are real benefits to keeping it clean. An oil filter is used to clean out impurities in your car’s engine oil. Every time the oil pump moves the motor oil around the engine it passes through the filter, removing large particles which could cause damage. Our premium car filters are tested to ensure they are top of the range for filtering tiny particles (as small as 25 microns), retaining dirt within the filter and not impeding the circulation of oil around the engine. A fuel filter is a very important part of a modern fuel system. Fuel can contain contamination – like dirt or paint chips from inside the tank, or rust particles – which a filter in the fuel like can remove. Modern high performance engines need the highest levels of cleanliness in the fuel used. Our range of filters are fantastically priced to help you save money on main dealer servicing costs. You can repair your car at a lower cost and keep it on the road. Filtration is a key range for our customers so we invest a lot of time and money in finding the right manufacturers, checking the product quality and stocking a wide range to cover all makes and models of vehicle, from a small car like a Fiesta to Range Rovers and Transit vans. We have been supplying automotive filters to the garage trade and general public for over 30 years, so we know a thing or two about them, if you need any help selecting the correct part for your car just get in touch!