Air Filters

Air filters are used to prevent particles from entering the cylinders on your vehicle. This means the oil and engine are kept clean and wear and tear or serious damage to the mechanical parts of the engine is prevented. It works by protecting the car's air inlet. They are often flat panel filters made from pleated paper which removes solid particles like pollen or dirt from the air before it enters the engine. That may sound simple, but the paper used isn't the same we use to write on, it is developed and tested for the automomtive industry to withstand heavy duty usage and high temperatures. The filter also has to be the correct precise size for the air volume it will have to deal with in your car. To find the correct air filter for your make and model of car then simply enter your car's info into our parts selector tool. This then uses our electronic cataloguing system to narrow down the choice of thousands of filters to the correct product for your specific vehicle. You can choose from our premium brand filter or an economy option depending on what suits your budget.

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