Oil Filters

Oil filter performance is vital to the smooth running of your engine. Oil is used to lubricate all the moving parts of the engine and also transports any particles or dirt which have gotten into the mechanics. This then passes through the oil filter which traps and retains those particles, removing them from the oil flow so that it can continue to lubricate the engine smoothly, thereby minimising wear and tear on the important engine components. Our premium car oil filters are tested to ensure they are top of the range for filtering tiny particles, as small as 25 microns. Modern vehicles are high precision instruments, very finely tuned and made to exacting measurements. This is why it is vital to keep the engine's parts clean and not to allow dirt, rust or grime to affect the functioning of the engine. That way the engine can continue to burn fuel efficiently and carry on working to a high standard with minimal emmissions. Choose your oil filter using our car part look up tool. This accesses our electronic catalogue narrowing the product choice down from thousands of filtration products to the specific oil filter designed to fit your vehicle.

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