Brake Discs

Brake discs are used in modern vehicle braking systems to slow the wheel and allow the car to stop. They work in unison with the car's brake pads to create friction which slows the car down. If you drive regularly, do long miles or drive a lot in stop-start traffic then it is well worth getting your discs checked regularly and changed whenever required. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's guidance and have a trusted mechanic also give their opinion. Braking is one part of the car where you don't want to take any chances! Disc brakes are usually made of cast iron, or some form of composite, which allows for heavy duty usage and long lasting performance. Modern car brake discs are either solid or vented, depending on your vehicle. The vents allow more air to circulate, which lets out some of the heat generated by the friction of braking. This can prevent your brakes from overheating. If you enter your car's information in the parts finder tool above it will allow you to search for the correct braking discs for your specific vehicle. You can also then look at the line drawings provided to check they are the same as the brake discs currently installed. Our premium braking products offer the highest quality performance and are rigorously tested under a wide range of conditions to ensure that they are top of the range.

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