Brake Drums

Brake drums are used on many vehicles either instead of or in addition to disc brakes. They are used to slow the vehicle by pressing the brake shoe against the drum cylinder. This causes friction and slows the car down. A brake drum can often be found at the rear part of the braking system as they offer a good parking brake. Over time the friction of braking causes wear and tear on the parts involved and so they will need replacing at regular intervals. It is wise to get your brakes checked by a trusted mechanic, or look at them yourself, every time you service your car. That way you can be sure your brakes are working to their full capacity, giving you peace of mind when driving. Our premium brand braking products are tested thoroughly under track, road and adverse weather conditions. Our Apec braking products are quality assured and produced in the EU, so you know that you are buying quality when you purchase braking products from Bullseye. 

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