Engine Oils

Engine oils are essential to lubricate the engine of your vehicle. Oil used to be a one-size-fits-all product but as cars became more sophisticated different types of oil had to be produced to allow different types of car to function. You will probably have heard of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils, but did you know that there are also now longlife oils and low SAPS oil? Quality counts when it comes to oil so be sure to purchase a brand which is fully ACEA approved as this means it has been quality tested and is produced to correct specifications. Check your manual or look up your engine oil by using our parts finder tool, and be sure to follow your manufacturer's recommendations. This will prolong the life of your engine and also ensure it works well. Good oil is designed to have strength, the correct viscosity, good cling to parts and also to prevent the build up of engine sludge. We carry a wide range of oils for every type of car and motorcycle. Our brands include Carlube and Castrol and offer quality guarantees at the right price. 

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