Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are used to clean any impurities out of the petrol or diesel which goes into your engine. Clean fuel burns much more efficiently than fuel with paint, rust or dirt particles in it. This means it produces more energy to drive the vehicle forward, giving you more miles to the gallon. Cars today use sophisticated mechanical engineering and the engines need to be kept as clean and free from dirt as possible, which is why filters are so important. They prevent wear and tear on the vehicle and keep it running efficiently and effectively. When you fill your car up with fuel it will have been transported in a van, stored in a tank and then put into your car's fuel tank. It can pick up impurities in all of these places, which a good quality fuel filter will catch before they get into your engine. Replace your fuel filter when getting your car servicing done and it will continue to protect your engine and allow through the right amount of fuel. If it is old and clogged the fuel flow will be restricted and this could impact on your engine and also the miles per gallon you get out of your car. To find your part just enter your car details, click through to the category you want and our cataloguing system will return the correct part for your vehicle. If you have any problems, questions or want to ask about a part which isn't listed then feel free to contact us via phone or email and we will help.

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