Oil Filters

Oil filters are used to keep the oil in your vehicle free from contaminants. Engine oil performs a very important job, allowing the parts of your engine to move freely and do their jobs without sticking or causing friction and heat. Using the correct oil specific for your vehicle will allow it to work to maximum performance levels. However, there's no point spending money on the right oil and leaving a dirty filter in place. Your oil filter needs to be checked regularly and replaced when you have your car serviced. This will allow it to carry on filtering the oil as it is pumped around your engine, capturing any particles which could cause damage and allowing the oil to continue to circulate freely and lubricate all the moving parts. Our premium brand WIX oil filters hold more than 45 percent more dirt than the leading national brand. They are engineered to prevent restriction of oil flow, to trap all particles larger than 25 microns (a human hair is roughly 70 microns in diameter) and to have a large dirt-holding capacity to ensure that what is trapped by the filter stays in the filter. Keep an eye on your oil and oil filter and your car will thank you for it.

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