Suspension & Steering

Suspension and steering is the part of your car that enables you to guide and direct the vehicle, ensures safe handling (and braking) and protects you and your cargo from the jolts of the road. The key parts of this system are shock absorbers, coil springs, steering rack, wishbones and mounting bushes. Steering components are vital to the safe handling of your vehicle, and often don't get checked until MOT time. We have a massive range of quality suspension products including so whether you’re looking for a rear shock absorber or car springs, we’ve got them in stock at affordable prices. Our range covers thousands of parts for every make and model of car, but don't worry! It's easy to search for the correct part for your vehicle with our parts finder tool. All you have to do is fill in your make and model, or your registration number and our cool electronic cataloguing system does the rest - filtering through thousands of car parts to find the ones specific for your particular vehicle. When driving be aware that worn steering components can cause excessive tyre wear and dangerous handling. To be safe it should be checked regularly as part of your servicing schedule. For example, the track rod ends can affect the tracking, giving you that “wobbly wheel” feeling as you drive. The job of the steering and suspension system is to keep all wheels in contact with the road as much as possible, for safer driving and braking. If the parts in the system get worn they are unable to perform as effectively. Bullseye Motor Stores carry a huge range of these parts on stock so that if you do need to change them we can deliver them quickly and keep you on the road safely. 

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