Transmission can be an often overlooked, but critical part of your car. A worn clutch can cause major problems and - when it fails - expensive damage. The clutch is the part of the car that connects the engine and wheels. It is needed because an engine is always spinning, but wheels are not, so the clutch controls the connection between the two to allow the power of the engine to begin to move the wheels forward. The clutch needs to be strong and well-engineered to perform this process smoothly. Here at Bullseye we supply of massive range of clutch kits, dual mass flywheel and hydraulics from the leading OE manufacturers of transmission components such as LUK, Valeo and Sachs. Everything you need for your transmission repair is available under one roof. Just enter your registration number in our parts finder tool and our cataloguing software will return the correct items for your vehicle. If you need more help, we have highly trained staff available to help with any enquiries on our technical helpline number. As well as DMF and clutches, we have a massive range of other driveline components you might need, like a drive shaft, CV joint, universal joint, CV boot, drive coupling and more. If you are looking for a product which is not yet listed on the site, give us a call and we will take your order over the phone. Take care of your transmission and keep your car on the road for a long time to come.