Clutches are the part of your car which links the engine to the wheels in order to create motion. They work because of friction between the clutch plate and flywheel and have to be very hard-wearing to withstand the wear and tear from this heavy duty task for thousands of miles. The clutch disc is the clutch’s central connection element. In combination with the clutch pressure plate, it both separates and links engine and powertrain. It also reduces the speed fluctuations in the gearbox caused by the combustion motor. Clutch components now last for thousands of miles, but there are some common causes of problems with them including air getting into the hydraulic line, leaky master or slave cylinders, problems with the linkages and problems with the clutch cable. We have a range of different quality brands of clutch including LUK clutches, Sachs and Valeo. Our premium range of clutch components covers thousands of different ones for every make and model of car. We have over 30 years experience in the car industry and work with brand leading manufacturers to bring you the best quality products at the best value prices. You can rely on the quality of our products every time.

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