Engine Oil

Engine oils for your vehicle - for all makes and model. Oil is used for lubrication of moving parts on an internal combustion engine. It is circulated around your engine as your drive and as well as lubricating and preventing friction it also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing and cools the engine down. We regularly get asked 'what oil for my car' by our customers because the range available now is larger than ever before and choosing the right oil can be confusing. Gone are the days when only one oil would do for nearly every vehicle on the road. With today’s modern multivalve and low emission engines, oils have had to be specially developed for these particular uses, with ultra thin and low ash oils now becoming ever more popular. You can look in your manufacturer’s handbook to find out if you need a longlife oil like a synthetic 5w30 or simply a semi synthetic 10w40. Alternatively, visit the Car Parts section of our site and use the Parts Finder tool to check by registration. It's worth bearing in mind that using the wrong oil can invalidate your manufacturer's warranty. Plus, getting the right engine oil will prolong the life of your engine as modern vehicles are finely tuned to work with a specific type, grade and viscosity. We offer a comprehensive range of high specification mineral, semi synthetic & fully synthetic engine oils and we only carry ACEA approved oils which come up to the high standards required in today’s vehicles. Alongside this we have motorcycle oil and flushing oil to use when doing an oil change. If you need any further assistance in choosing the correct product please do give us a call.