5w 30

5w30 oil from leading manufacturers, guaranteed to meet the latest API and ACEA requirements. To ensure top performance high quality base engine oils are blended with advanced technology additives to give high anti wear and detergency properties in mineral, semi synthetic & fully synthetic motor oils. The 5w30 oil grade refers to the viscosity, or thickness, of the oil when you first start it and then when it is running through the engine. Knowing what oil for your car means that your engine will get the correct level of lubrication and wear-prevention from the moment you start it until your journey has ended. If you use the wrong grade it could potentially be too thick to lubricate the engine on start-up, or could get too thin when it gets warm while the vehicle is running. Either would mean the moving components would not get all the protection from wear and tear that they need and could result in costly engine damage. You can find the correct grade of oil in your handbook, or just use our Parts Finder tool in the Car Parts section of our website. It is easy to use and will help you find the right product for you, at our great value prices.