Workshop Supplies

Workshop supplies for all your tasks in the garage. We've got an extensive range of fasteners, adhesives & tapes, electrical supplies and cleaning and safety kit. That’s everything from mirror fix, super glue and epoxy resin through to cable ties, crocodile clips, fuses and solder. Whether you are looking to stock up your workshop with all the essential bits & bobs, or just need a grommet – you’ve come to the right place. Car maintenance and household repair requires a well-stocked tool box and workshop. For example, you may need to glue something in place, or just hold it with duct tape or a cable tie. There are also parts universal to lots of cars, like battery fixings or brake pipe, which could come in handy if you stored them in your workshop. Our range is carefully selected to cover a wide range of car maintenance tasks, but if you can't find what you're looking for then feel free to ask. We have 17 branches and not every part we have is yet listed on the site, so it could be that we can supply what you need, even if you can't see it on here just yet.